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European Venture Investment Group S.A.

We have carried out 10 projects and invested PLN 4000 000 in the ideas of our clients over 4 years of our activity.

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European Venture Investment Group S.A.

We are a dynamically growing venture capital investment fund originating from European Financial Consulting Center – a leader within the scope of consultancy for small and medium-sized enterprises. Whether you new in business or you are an already developed entity, you will be provided with comprehensive support.

Our business contacts and experience enable us to offer you much more than just financial support. We have built a number of enterprises from scratch which involved various operations such as looking for additional sources of financing, team recruitment, planning a balanced budget and cash flow, as well as implementing our practical company management and market operation skills.

Since your success is our success, we are eager to share our knowledge and skills for your benefit. While key decisions stay in your hands, you will be provided with consultancy and mentoring. Numerous business successes and the trust of partners prove our effectiveness.

We believe that, if handled properly, any project can succeed. The ability to exploit the potential to stand out on the market is the key. Therefore, not only do we invest in companies, but also in people. Visionaries who truly believe in their ideas, ready to devote themselves to making them reality are priceless assets. If you are one, do not hesitate to let us find you. 
How does the fund work

How does the fund work

Assuming shares in exchange for funds is our method of investment. We invest in the ideas with a minimum rate of return of 30% a year. Our time horizon is 3 years, after which we seek an exit option.

There are many exit options, including a public listing on the stock exchange, purchasing by a trade investor or a financial investor, management buyout and other forms profitable both for originators and the fund.
We reserve the right to exercise liquidation preference. We apply standard regulations of tag along and drag along if a company sells shares.

The stages of getting an investment support

1. Filling in an application form and sending it to
If you have any questions or doubts – you are most welcome to contact us.

Download the application form
We guarantee compliance with the highest confidentiality and safety standards during the whole process.
  Download the non-disclosure agreement

2. The analysis of your idea.
The key factors used in the evaluation process are the following:
  • Innovativeness of the idea
  • Competences and experience of the originator and the team 
  • Market potential and demand for the offered product/service
  • Characteristics of competition
  • Capital required by the venture 
  • Financial forecast of income and costs
  • Completeness of the application
  • Level of preparation to commence activity 
If your information is incomplete or insufficient, you will be asked to supplement it.

3. Assessment of a project and decision regarding establishing cooperation.
  • You will receive a justification of rejection if your project is assessed negatively.
  • Internal Investment Committee will decide about further work on your idea if your project is assessed positively.
  • If your project is accepted, we will organize a meeting to discuss the details of cooperation. The originator has to be prepared to present themselves before the Investment Committee.
4. Presentation before the Investment Committee.

Its goal is to meet the originator, check his or her capacity to run a business and discuss the project. Final decision concerning establishing cooperation will be made after the presentation.

5. Commencement of cooperation.
  • The fund prepares a term sheet– a document describing the rules of cooperation. The originator is then allowed to make his or her comments on the document and negotiate its conditions. A negotiable investment agreement is prepared.
  • This stage ends with signing an investment agreement and creating a new entity to complete the investment.

This is the beginning of our shared adventure.

We invite you to take the first step on your path to success. All you have to do is fill in documents below and send them to:
Download the application form
    Download the non-disclosure agreement